Memorandum's Of Understanding (MOU's)

Guidelines for MOU's

Memorandum's of Understanding or "MOU's" are amendments to the United Teachers of Richmond CBA or contract. The only people in WCCUSD who can sign MOU's that affect UTR members are the UTR President and the WCCUSD Superintendent/Associate Superintendent of Human Resources. 

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) process for alternative schedules or changes to the current 2018-2021 UTR/WCCUSD CBA, assures that all UTR individual voices are engaged in having constructive discussions that will deliver what the Bargaining Unit Members (BUM) would like to codify in a successor MOU. School sites have the option to retain, change/update or rewrite the MOU, in part or whole, to their liking. The content of the proposed MOU is solely at the discretion of UTR members. Strong emphasis should be placed upon delivering vital and transparent information to ensure informed collective input and understanding prior to voting upon the final draft of the MOU. Prior to writing any MOU is the time to have conversations salient to decisions to be made. MOUs should include defined measurable outcomes via stated processes to support rationale for requesting an MOU. Individual school sites are encouraged to access UTR support to ensure that potential CBA or past practice concerns/conflicts are addressed during developmental stages of the MOU.


The voting for the change (or MOU) must be conducted by the UTR REP(s) only. An explanation of the MOU can be done in collaboration with admin and/or UTR members. Once the final draft of the MOU has been voted upon by confidential ballot, all voting materials to include ballots, sign-in sheets, bell schedules, MOU explanatory literature, copy of the proposed MOU voted upon, etc., should be delivered to UTR for review. Verification of a confidential democratic (UTR) voting process for the MOU engaged in by your staff, i.e., BUMs, will be a critical component in the approval process of the MOU by the UTR President Demetrio Gonzalez. Additionally, the MOU must be mutually agreed upon by UTR and WCCUSD. Historically, UTR alternative schedule MOUs have been renewed every year to assure that UTR and WCCUSD annually review MOU goals and provide an opportunity to consider continuing the MOU.

Site MOU’s may only be for the same school year and can only be for 1 single year. This does not mean the change has to stop but it needs to be revisited at the end of the same year and voted upon again as well as a new MOU must be written and agreed upon.

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