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United Teachers of Richmond (UTR) represents educators in West Contra Costa Unified School District. UTR members are committed to fighting for the public schools our students deserve! 


Posted on 12/15/22 on the San Francisco Chronicle

Teachers and staff in West Contra Costa are prepared to walk off the job if they can’t reach a compromise with the school district in ongoing over pay and working conditions — fights that seemed to heat up last week.

Posted on 12/13/22 on Ed Source

An overwhelming majority of West Contra Costa Unified teachers and other school workers voted last week to authorize a strike after monthslong contract talks between the district and the teachers union, United Teachers of Richmond, came to a halt 

Posted on 11/17/22 on Richmond Pulse

Nearly all members of the United Teachers of Richmond have voted to take action if West Contra Costa educators are not offered a fair contract, the union president told the school board Wednesday. 

Posted on 10/07/22 on California Educator

Members of the United Teachers of Richmond (UTR) have been advocating since February 2022 for the best resources students deserve, which include a permanent, high-quality certificated educator in every classroom, an emotionally and physically safe learning environment, and responsive student, family and educator input through shared decision-making.

Posted on 09/22/22 on Richmond Confidential

Parents protested, and teachers rallied against West Contra Costa Unified School District on Wednesday, expressing frustrations with how the teacher shortage is being handled and communicated to the community.

Posted 8/25/22 on Richmond Confidential 

The West Contra Costa Unified School District needs to fill 93 (148 as of 11.17.22) teacher positions, a staff member said Wednesday at the school board meeting.

Posted 8/12/22 on Richmond Confidential


High workload, little support and low pay contribute to teachers leaving the profession. It’s not yet clear how many will ultimately quit specifically because of the pandemic.

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