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UTR Updated 5.30.17

Dear UTR members,

Happy two weeks left of school! We have a lot in today’s newsletter so please look through the parts that interest you the most. Below is an update about bargaining, update from the last school board meeting, and upcoming events.

Bargaining Update

Our regular Bargaining Update will be coming out tomorrow. As mentioned before, UTR is opening Article 23 (Salary) and the district is opening Article 22 Calendar). You may click HERE to be directed to our contract and read both articles. Your bargaining team is negotiating for the following:

-14% restoration to the UTR salary schedules.
-Increase in elementary pay when taking extra students due to subs not being available (current rate is 32 dollars per day for up to 10 students).
-Increase in secondary pay when period subbing (current is 45 per period or 90 for a 100 minute class)
-Itemized pay stub with any additional hours worked .
-New language for errors in payroll issues, including reimbursements of personal fees due to the errors (ex. Credit card fees, car payment fees, etc).
-Change in Hourly rate.
-CTE Educators be added to salary schedule.
-Nurses be put in the speech pathologists salary schedule.

 Please look below for our rationale as well as bargaining presentations. It is very important that we are all informed and involved in this process.

 Bargaining Presentation to REP Council: HERE

Flyer to community for Bargaining – English: HERE

Flyer to community for Bargaining – Spanish: HERE

Flyer on buying a home in WCCUSD communities and UTR Salary: HERE

The Bargaining team had its second day of negotiations last Thursday. A report and the next survey question will be going out tomorrow. Please continue spreading the word that the more people that participate the better. 

School Board Meeting Report

Agenda: HERE

To access the report from the meeting please click HERE. Items discussed were UTR Bargaining, Willful Defiance Suspensions Ban, Caliber Beta Academy Charter new location, Aspire Charter School expansion, LPS Charter School renewal, Conscious Kitchen, and LCAP.

Coming up events

1.Ed Tech Camp! Registration for the 4th Annual EdTech Summer Camp is now open! Are you interested in learning new edtech skills while creating a website, Google Classroom, blended lesson plan, Padlet, or HyperDoc that you can use next fall? All while having fun and collaborating with colleagues? (An added bonus: you’ll be paid and fed and entered in a raffle!) If this sounds like your kind of thing, register using the link below and HURRY! There are limited spaces available! 

4th Annual EdTech Summer Camp

DeAnza High School
Session 1, Monday-Tuesday, June 12-13 (8:30am-3pm)
Session 2, Wednesday-Thursday, June 14-15 (8:30am-3pm)
Teachers will be paid the teacher hourly rate of $33/hour for their hours of attendance. (Each session is consists of two 6-hour days.) Continental breakfast and lunch are served.
Register at: http://bit.ly/campreginfo17
Questions? Email: edtechpd@wccusd.net

2. June 2nd WCCUSD staff Celebration! Richmond Memorial Auditorium!

3. June 8th – Last Day of School!

4. June 14th – School Board Meeting. INVICTUS Charter School is having its public hearing for a 7th – 12th School of approximately 750 students. If approved, this school will have to be collocated at an existing site. We believe some possible places will be Lovonya DeJean Middle School, Kennedy High School, or possibly elementary schools.

Thank you for all you do.

In Solidarity,

Demetrio Gonzalez
President, United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA