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UTR Updates 5.15.17

Dear UTR Members,

 Happy 4 week mark! Can you believe we only have 4 weeks left? Last push! Please read some of the highlights and information from UTR from this last week.

May 12th Rally

 Public and Charter school teachers and parents from Oakland, Richmond, San Leandro, and Hayward rallied to support legislation to support Charter Accountability and Transparency in California. Speakers included, Assembly Members Tony Thurmond and Rob Bonta, OEA president Trish Gorham, UTR president Demetrio Gonzalez, California Virtual Educators president Brianna Carrol, PLAN Executive Director Pecolia Manigo, and Director Jody London. Special thanks to the Oakland Tech Jazz Band for the warm up and all the educators that came on a Saturday evening. The Rally was televised State Wide and got a lot of press attention. 

The Bills Supported by the California Alliance for Community Schools were Bills: AB 1360, AB 1478, and SB 808


Girls on the Run 5K in S.F.

Bayview, Chavez, Montalvin Manor, Nystrom, and Verde Elementary Schools had their Girls on the Run 5K Sunday in San Francisco with over 50 Elementary and Middle Schools from the Bay Area. Thank you to the coaches from each of the schools for making such an incredible opportunities for young woman to learn about empowerment, physical activity, and volunteering your time. This wonderful program is offered in the Fall and in the Spring for any schools that would like to do it in the 2017/18 School Year. For more information please go HERE.


 School Board Meeting Report 
Agenda: HERE

Like always I would like to point out the biggest items from the meeting. If you are interested in reading the whole agenda and looking through all the items discussed please click above.

1. West Contra Costa Unified School District presented the “Classified Employee of the Year“. The awardees were:

            Classified Supervisor             –   Melisa Siembida

            General Services M & O        –   Joseph Branchcomb

                                                                 –   Tanya Meadows

            Office & Technical                  –   Veronica Villagomez

                                                                 –   Toni Martinez-Gant

            Paraprofessional                    –   David Quesada

                                                                 –   Claudia Santoyo

            Confidential                             –    Denise Cifelli

2. INVICTUS Charter School turned in their petition to open a 750 student middle School and High School. The petition was presented by 4 parents and the charter Founder. 2 of the 4 parents were the same parents that were in the presentation for VOICES. The petition will be reviewed at the School Board Meeting on May 24th and will be voted on June 7th. We don’t have more information yet until we can read the petition.

3. There was a Discussion for the future Plan for Facilities for Caliber Beta Academy. The District presented the history of the charter and plans, to read more please go to the Agenda and Read item E.1.  The Board is currently reviewing the proposal to keep the school at Kennedy and when construction is done, move Caliber to North Campus. 

 4. Superintendent Duffy spoke about a 4.1 million dollar investment from Title 1, 2, and 3 in 5 years for the Kennedy Family Schools (to support 9 to 10 schools). The investment will support the 10 school by providing them the following things:

a) Partners in Schools Support and partnership
b) Investment in their Fab Labs
c) Investment in their family Sports Leagues
d) Begin a campaign for reclassification with families

For more information on these investments please click HERE in the agenda and go down to item E.2. to download the Superintendents presentation and info. 

5. Willful Defiance Suspension Ban will be discussed at the School Board meeting on May 24th. More information from UTR about this item will come to you in the next few weeks.

In Solidarity,

Demetrio Gonzalez
President, United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA