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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Dear UTR members,

I would like wish you an amazing teacher appreciation day! Today we celebrate educators throughout California and in WCCUSD for all the work you do day in and day out.

You are impacting and changing the lives of kids in this community with your words, your actions, your lesson plans, your hugs. Teachers are building the next generation of poets, writers, artists, engineers, politicians, biologist, etc. For this and many other reasons I thank you for your work.

If it wasn’t for teachers like yourselves I wouldn’t be here today. When I arrived to the United States at age 15, my teachers were the ones that helped me learn English, who helped me adjust to the culture, the one’s who taught me how to read. I owe my success and education in this country to the educators who pushed me along and always had my back. I could not be more proud to call myself an educator today and to hopefully support the lives of more students that have their own struggles like I did growing up.

WCCUSD educators are among the best educators in this country. Teachers here have endured years of hardship because we love our students and we love our kids.  I hear amazing heroic stories of teachers in WCCUSD all the time and I feel so humbled and lucky to be able to represent you in UTR. 

Thank you for all you do and for changing the world.

I leave you with this video to remind you about this incredible work that we do:

Kid President thanking retiring teacher:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veuSc9ZhpPY 

California Day of the Teacher 2017

Day of the Teacher CTA Resources: HERE 

In Solidarity,

Demetrio Gonzalez
President, United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA