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UTR Updates 3.6.17

Dear UTR members,

Happy March and Women’s History Month, as well as Arts Education Month! Below are updates about UTR Elections, the WCCUSD School Board Meeting from March 1st, Committees, and information. If you know of anyone who does not get the UTR updates please forward them this email or have them call the UTR office so we may add them to our contact information (510-222-5112).  Please WEAR RED on Wednesday in support of International Women’s Day. 

WCCUSD School Board Meeting
March 1st, 2017
Agenda HERE

1. The WCCUSD School Board passed a resolution to make March 1st Caesar Chavez day. They also passed a resolution to recognize March as Women’s History Month, as well as Arts Education Month. Thank you to the Board for making this recognition occur.

2. The Middle School English Textbook adoption was presented by members of the committee including UTR members, and the adoption was approved by the School Board. Thank you to all the educators and staff who were part of the adoption process.

 3. WCCAA (Administrators union) and SSA (Local 21) gave their initial bargaining proposal to the WCCUSD School Board. Both Unions will be opening Salary. The WCCUSD School District will be opening Calendar with both unions.

 4. An online Charter School placed a petition to open a charter in WCCUSD. We do not have the details yet but we will send them out as we find out more. We will fully oppose any online charter that comes to WCCUSD. Online charter schools have proven to have little success and become a beacon for corruption in this country. We will not allow online charters to come to Richmond, our kids deserve better.

 UTR Elections

Timeline is attached HERE.

All declarations of candidacy are in, deadline was Friday March 3rd.

Candidacy Forum is taking place this Wednesday, March 8th at Pinole Middle School from 4:00 to 5:30. Candidates will have a chance to give a 2 minute speech if the seat is contested, if the seat is not contested they will have 1 minute. All speeches will be video tapped and they’ll be available for everyone to watch at the UTR Website.

Voting starts March 13th and goes through March 17th. Voting is happening electronically. If you do NOT get an email with the voting information please call the UTR office. 

Deadline to request paper ballots for those who wish to vote by paper ballot is March 8th (we have extended the deadline from March 6th). If you would like a paper ballot you must call or email the UTR office by this date. Members may also vote through paper ballot at the office from March 13th through March 17th. All paper ballots must be turned into the UTR office by March 17th at 5:00 PM.

Candidates may campaign from March 4th through March 12th. Past practice states that candidates may not campaign when voting has began. UTR members cannot campaign at district events, PDs, or site meetings. Candidates may not use the UTR logo or use UTR/district resources including district email.

For questions or concerns please email our Elections Chair Diana Ortega at: ballenita.azul1@gmail.com

National Women Rights Day
March 8th, 2017

Our brothers and sisters in San Francisco and Oakland will be wearing RED on Wednesday to celebrate and show solidarity with the millions of people who will be gathering, marching, and striking on that day. We encourage all UTR members to WEAR RED on Wednesday and have conversation with your students and how Women Rights ARE Human Rights.

If you’re taking a personal day on Wednesday please make sure that you speak with your admin and staff to have a plan. 

UTR believes deeply that Women Rights ARE human rights. We stand in solidarity with anyone participating in the strike and stand with you.

If there are sites that are doing something on that day please forward us pictures so we can celebrate with you.

For more information please visit the Women’s March Website HERE.

If you attend any marches or events please send pictures to our Women’s Right Chair Alyssa Hoy at: ahoy126@gmail.com 

STRS Informational Session

March 22nd, 2017
March 23rd, 2017

The San Ramon Valley Education Association will be hosting two STRS informational sessions on March 22nd and March 23rd. 

STRS Retirement: This session will demystify the benefits of the CalSTRS retirement system. Information will be presented on the defined benefit (DB) plan (3 magic numbers), the defined benefit supplement (DBS) plan (hard cash in YOUR account), recent legislative changes, Medicare and Social Security will all be addressed. Questions will be answered.

For those interested please download the flyer HERE

 Spring New Teacher Gathering
March 25th, 8:30 to 12:30

Lovonya DeJean Middle School

Great event for any educator in WCCUSD interested! It is the second in the series to support our new members. Individuals may get compensated or use the day towards their 10 hours of self-directed professional development.

For the Flyer and to sign up please go HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 4.49.07 PM

Human Rights is meeting tomorrow Tuesday, March 7th from 4:00 to 5:00 PM at the UTR office (700 Crestview Drive, Pinole).Committee meetings coming up!

Organizing is meeting on Thursday, March 9th, from 4:00 to 5:00 PM at the UTR office. 

UTR Organizing Committee Needs You!

Did you know that most of our dues dollars goes to CTA/NEA? Therefore our local depends on member volunteers to get the work done. The organizing committee is looking for help to do the important work of organizing our members. This committee is critical for getting the compensation we deserve. Committee work is an excellent way to get involved and learn how our union functions. We meet once a month. The next meeting is March 9th at 4pm. Our union is as strong as we make it! Please consider helping us in this effort.

Contact Eric Swabeck, committee chair at 510 542 0519.