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UTR’s week of action!

Dear UTR members,

Please find attached to this letter the calendar of activities that UTR is sponsoring and encouraging every member to be a part of for the week leading to the inauguration of President-Elect Trump. Every day as a union and West Contra Costa Educators we will be doing something different. In order to spread the word about tolerance, unity, and support of our public schools we need every single member to participate.

We encourage every site REP to hold a meeting January 13th so that staffs may discuss the events and organize. We encourage everyone to please watch the following short video that explains the calendar. If you have any questions please call our office or contact the Human Rights Committee at president@unitedteachersofrichmond.com 

Please watch the following video. It explains the calendar of activites.

It is so incredibly important that we join thousands of educators, families, community leaders, community organizations, politicians, and fellow unions around the country to demand from our President-Elect to be fair and just in his presidency.  We fully oppose his appointments to cabinet and we join CTA, NEA, and AFT in their views of such appointments. We value and honor public education and fully disagree and oppose the appointment of DeVos as Secretary of Education.

Thank you very much for your support and commitment to tolerance and peace. Big shoutout and thanks to the Human Rights committee for their work and commitment to this work.

In solidarity,

UTR Human Rights Committee
UTR Executive Board
UTR President