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Items located here are not to be discarded but are useful references.

December 17, 2015

Here is the Bargaining Update 12.17.15.

December 14, 2015

Hey everyone!  Here is our latest: Bargaining Update 12.10.15

Here are the downloadable proposals:

UTR Proposals (Not Tentative Agreements)

Art 1 Agreement 12-5-15

Art 10 Hours of Employment and Duty Assignment 12-5-15

Art 13 Leaves 12-5-15

Art 22 School Calendar 12-5-15

Art 23 Salary 12-8-15

Appendix A 6% Steps Longevity (1)

Appendix B 6%

Art 24 Extra Duty Pay 12-5-15

Art 25 Benefits 12-2-15

Appendix M 12-8-2015

WCCUSD Counter Proposal (Signed)

Art 18 Personnel Files 12-8-2015

November 30, 2015

The Bargaining Team met with the district last week.  Below is the Bargaining Update as well as the full proposal from WCCUSD.  Our team is preparing a counter proposal and will be back at the table in the next couple of weeks.

November 16, 2015

The Bargaining Team has met with the district twice in the last week.  Once on Saturday!  Below are the Bargaining Updates from those two meetings, as well as links to the full proposals.  We will be back at the table in the next couple of weeks.

Bargaining Update 11.13.15

Bargaining Update 11.14.15

Art 10 Hours of Employment and Duty Assignment 11-12-15

Art 12 Class Size 11-12-15

Art 18 Personnel Files 11-12-15

Art 23 Salary 11-12-15

Art 23 Speech Psyc Salary

Art 52 SPED 11-12-15

Article 9 Disciplinary Action 11-12-15

Bargaining Survey Results, October 2015

Tentative Agreement September, 2015 (Voted Down in September 2015)

Tentative Agreement Salary Schedules (Voted Down in Sept. 2015):

Propose Year One-

Rebench UTR8, Rebenched SCHEDULE UCAM,Rebenched CPS6, Rebenched UTR6,Rebenched UHD8, Rebenched UTRN, Rebenched UTRS and SCH7

Proposed Year Two-

Schedule 8 Rebench +4%, Rebenched +4 UCAM, Rebenched +4 CPS6, Rebenched +4 UTR6, Rebenched +4 UTRN, Rebenched +4 UTRS and Sch7

Bargaining Update 10.20.15

Bargaining Update 8.27.15

Bargaining Update 6.17.15

Bargaining Update 5.22.15

Bargaining Update 3.17.15

Bargaining Update 3.10.15

Bargaining Update 1.13.15

Bargaining Update 11.24.14

HealthCare MOU

Tentative Agreements 2013-2014


Agreement: Common Core State Standards Memorandum of Understanding

Bargaining Update 11-19-13

Bargaining Update 11-12-13

Bargaining Update 10-23-13

MOU Clarification

Common Core State Standard MOU Ratification

Class Size – Memorandum of Understanding

Article 25 Employee Benefits

Reopeners Proposal

May 2013 Tentative Agreement

TA Announcement

Bargaining Update #3-05-06-13

Bargaining Update #2-04-30-2013

Bargaining Update #1-04-23-13

4/17/2013 Rep Council Power Point Presentation