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Rep Council


Every school site has an Union Representative, or Rep.  Sites with more than thirty members are also allocated additional Representatives who provide support as well as an additional votes at the monthly Representative Council.


The Union Representative is your first and greatest resource for enforcing your contract and organizing around issues at your site. When you believe that your contractual rights are being violated, you should immediately consult your Rep. to determine whether you should file a grievance, contact UTR, or work with your colleagues at your site to get organized around an issue.


Your Representative is  UTR member leader specific to your school. He or she works as the liaison between educators at your site and the staff at UTR.


Elections are held for Union Representatives in the spring of each school year. Election information will be posted at your school as well as on the UTR website.


A Union Representative is the key to helping you build a strong site. Having a local union leader on your campus enables you and your colleagues to organize around the unique issues that you encounter at your site, as well as be a part of larger District-wide organizing. Reps do the important work of strengthening our union site by site, ensuring that the District treats educators fairly.


Union Representatives can only do so much without your help! You can help build a strong union presence at your school by attending site union meetings, taking a leadership role in site organizing, and even running to be a Rep yourself.

REP Council Meetings Dates: