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United Teachers of Richmond  CTA/NEA -

Update on Current Health Conditions

Dear UTR members,

We’re still monitoring the current situation with the smoke/fires from Napa County. Yesterday afternoon we asked and recommended to Superintendent Duffy to cancel schools for today. Due to high levels of asthma in our communities we know that many students, educators, and families are suffering from the current conditions in the environment. The health of our students and staff are priority to us.

After various conversations with health officials, Superintendent Duffy and his staff made the decision to have school. The decision to close schools rests ultimately with our Superintendent. We understand and respect that this is not an easy decision or a common one but we do not believe our students and staff are safe under current conditions.

Today the day began a lot better than yesterday due to the wind blowing from the West, but as the day has gone on we have experience more and more smoke. Shelter in place has caused many students and staff to get sick and be under stressful conditions and therefore many students have had to leave our schools due to heat, ventilation and air quality.

We are asking WCCUSD to reconsider this decision for tomorrow and close schools. According to health officials and air quality data from the County, tomorrow will be equally negative for our schools. 

If you are in need of assistance due to health reasons please inform your administration right away. 

We will keep you updated if anything changes. Due to the high numbers of emails and calls we ask for patience as we return them throughout the day. Thank you. 

In Solidarity,

Demetrio Gonzalez
President, United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA