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UTR Updates 9.18.17

Dear UTR members,

Below you will find information about our Tentative Agreement, Upcoming events (4), and UTR highlights as well as grant information.

TA information

As mentioned in the email on Saturday, our Tentative Agreement passed and we wanted to provide you with information on how it works from here.

First, the WCCUSD School Board will ratify our Tentative Agreement at this Wednesday’s School Board meeting. The changes on our pay will be seen for the first time at the October check. Individuals will be able to see the following in their check stubs as agreed with HR and Payroll:

o   Individual check stubs will indicate the following on three separate lines

New Salary

Line 1

Pay Retro to July 1 will include August and September

Line 2

One Time Payment/Stipend

Line 3

o   Updated salary changes will be effective on the October 2017 check.

A member may choose to consider available options to reduce taxable income.  Please check with their financial planner or tax advisor for support in reducing taxable income.

Employee directed changes to their check should be made prior to the sixteen (16th ) of each month.  Seek assistance from your payroll clerk regarding desired changes or modifications.

Site Visits

Thank you to the schools that came to meet with us and opened their doors to us last week, Dover, Downer, Ellerhorst, Fairmont, Ford, Grant, Hannah Ranch, Harding, and Highland!

This week our Executive Director and President will be visiting the following schools:

King Elementary School

Monday, September 18th


Lake Elementary School

Tuesday, September 19th


Lincoln Elementary School

Tuesday, September 19th


Lupine Hills Elementary School

Wednesday, September 20th


Madera Elementary School

Wednesday, September 20th


César E. Chávez Elementary School

Thursday, September 21st


Montalvin Manor Elementary School

Thursday, September 21st


Murphy Elementary School

Friday, September 22nd


Nystrom Elementary School

Friday, September 22nd


For the full schedule of visits please click HERE.

Housing Meeting today!

Are you interested in buying a home in the Richmond area? If so, please join us today Monday, September 18th at Lincoln Elementary School to hear about the Spark point program being offered by the Richmond Community Foundation.

UTR, WCCUSD, and the Richmond Community Foundation are partnering to offer teachers the chance to buy homes renovated in the Richmond Communities. 

Teachers get first dibs on housing projects without having to bid other individuals from the public. The Richmond Community Foundation’s goal is to renovate approximately 50 properties and making it easier on teachers to obtain these homes. 

For more information please click HERE .

                   INVICTUS decision by CC County School Board

The Contra Costa County School Board will be voting on the appeal by INVICTUS Charter School Wednesday, September 27th at 5:00 PM. The Board meets at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room of The Ronald L. Stewart Center, Contra Costa County Office of Education, 77 Santa Barbara Road, Pleasant Hill, California, 94523. If there is anyone interested in joining a few of our executive board members to voice that we say “NO” to Invictus and that the decision made in our local school board should be upheld.

DLCAP Meeting

The First DLCAP Meeting is taking place Wednesday, September 27th from 6:00 to 7:30 at Kennedy High School. If you are interested in coming for public comment please come early and fill out a comment card. You can also stay and observe the meeting.


UTR reps, our first REP Council meeting is Wednesday, September 27th from 4:00 to 5:30 PM at Pinole Middle School. More information will come to you directly through district mail as well as on email form with our agenda. For all our dates please click HERE.

Richmond Promise Event and Happy Hour 

On Wednesday, September 27th the Richmond Promise is also hosting a happy hour for educators from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. Please click HERE for more information or look below at the flyer.


The Philanthropic Ventures Foundation is offering grants again this year! They not only support programs that you are currently doing in your classroom but the application is fast and easy. Please click HERE or look below for more information.