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We stand with our DREAMers!

Dear community,

DREAMers are under attack. The future of almost 800,000 people hang in the hands of the possible decision today of an unstable individual. These 800,000 DREAMers are our students, fellow teachers, community members, taxpayers, social justice advocates.  The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has had incredible success but is rumored to be taken away today by our President.

When I was 15 years old my family made the courageous choice to leave Mexico and come to the United States looking for a better future. My parents gave up everything to give me a good education and better opportunities.  Many times, I have experienced hate and ignorance towards our immigrant community.   A few years ago I was arrested and detained by Immigration agents in Arizona during a road trip with my family. I was getting a soda at a gas station and I did not have my papers on me. It took over eight hours to be released and many times I thought I was going to be taken away from my family until it was proven that I was a legal immigrant.     

On my second year of teaching one of my second grade students was deported during an immigration raid. At the time she was at her house with her dad and when her mom and sister got home they were both gone. It was one of the most painful experiences to see the family be ripped apart by ignorance, hate, and poor policies.

Just like what I have seen, many of you have experienced this and much more.  The fact that those in power want our DREAMers to be taken away from us is an incredible injustice. As educators and social justice advocates, we have to stand against these injustices. We cannot let any of our students, fellow teachers, or community members be taken away because of poor policies, ignorance, and hate.

Below you will find 3 ways you can help our DREAMers through the National Education Association.

1.     You can show your support through social media.
2.     Call your members of Congress and others in our area.
3.     Sign the NEA #DefendDACA Pledge on the link below.

In Solidarity,

Demetrio Gonzalez
President, United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA 

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