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We have a Tentative Agreement!

Dear UTR Members,

This summer, the Bargaining Team met with District staff to continue negotiations. The teams concluded an agreement on Salary and Calendar.

During this past year, one thing became clear to us: bargaining has changed. Budget priorities are now set through the LCAP process as well as by the School Board. We believe we can get the raise we deserve, but we will need to be organized as a union and more proactive in the LCAP process. This Tentative Agreement (TA) should be seen as the first step in that process, and a vote to support it would be a vote for continued, aggressive bargaining toward a significant salary improvement. A new round of bargaining opened July 1, and the District has committed to continue bargaining salary in order to get our compensation where it needs to be to recruit and retain quality teachers in WCCUSD. This commitment is reflected in the side letter of agreement that is attached to this TA.

The full Tentative Agreement is attached to this email, but we wanted to summarize the main points below so that members can make an informed vote. In addition to this fact sheet, we have recorded a video explanation by our Bargaining Chair Mark Moran and our President Demetrio Gonzalez.

Please understand that this TA is the first step in the right direction, and represents an effort to secure as much money as possible on our members’ salary schedules given that the negotiation for this bargaining round took place in between LCAP budgeting cycles.

A YES vote on this TA means: we will go back to the table in September to continue negotiating for the compensation that our members deserve! Our bargaining team has done significant research to support that our proposed increase of 14% is not only reasonable, but feasible. The increase proposed by this TA represents the most significant increase we were able to negotiate at the end of the last fiscal year, but our arguments have shifted Board sentiment regarding the urgency of making UTR members’ compensation a top budget priority. The adjustment to the salary schedule that we negotiated is in an effort to secure continual forward momentum on the salary schedule for our members and to support our push for a more equitable salary schedule.

For the Tentative Agreement please click HERE.

For the Frequently Asked Questions and explanation please click HERE.

For the Video please click HERE or below on the picture. 

For the TA Timeline, voting, and information please click HERE.

The Town hall will take place September 30th at Lovonya DeJean Middle School from 4:00 to 5:30 PM. The UTR team and District team will be present to answer any questions from UTR reps or members who would like to come. 

If you know of anyone who does not get these emails, please forward to your staff or member. Thank you


UTR Bargaining Team
UTR Leadership