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Updates, Charlottesville resources, and tomorrows staff gathering!

Staff Gathering at Richmond Auditorium

UTR is having a booth for our members to check in, please come and get a raffle ticket, some UTR information and free resources!  

Charlottesville Incident

“Our students and their families deserve to know that we are allies in the fight against intolerance and bigotry. Thoughtful, intentional lessons on the events in Charlottesville, and the fight against bigotry and intolerance is one way of addressing these very serious questions and concerns.” – AFT President

Below are some websites with resources available for use:

Bargaining Update

There will be an update coming out Friday from our Bargaining team as well as a video explaining the information by Saturday. Please be in the look out.

 Report on Retention

 Over the summer President Gonzalez and Superintendent Duffy collaborated on a study about the retention of teachers. The report was to obtain data as of why are our people leaving and therefore use that data to frame our priorities for this year. Please look at the links below to read the reports. The biggest finding was that our people are leaving WCCUSD for various reasons but the top reasons is Compensation.

For the slide show please click HERE.
For the full report please click HERE.

Elections of Site REPS

Please remember the important task of electing site representatives. Site reps are super important for making sure that our contract is honored and that all members are represented at our policy making council. This is democracy in action! Many sites elect their representatives in the spring and some in the fall. If you have not held an election for this year’s reps., please do so as soon as possible. Please also make sure that the UTR office knows about your elected reps for this year. Each site has the right to one rep for every 15 members, plus one for every fraction greater than 50% of 15. For example: A site with 23 members would have the right to two reps.

NAACP Charter Resolution

Over the summer, the NAACP took a strong stance on Charter School. The NAACP wants to make sure all schools receiving public funds are held to the same high standards of transparency, accountability, and quality. To read the analysis that they released please click HERE and HERE.

 Bargaining for the Schools Our Students Deserve!     

Our statewide coalition grows! In July, the California Alliance for Community Schools convened union leaders, students, parents, and community organizations in San Diego for a weekend discussion of how to move a statewide social justice agenda through collective action and bargaining for the common good.

The National Education Association sponsored sending your team from UTR. The coalition will continue meeting and is sending a collaborating group to the NPE conference in Oakland. UTR is sending 5 representatives. 

WELCOME New UTR members!

Yesterday at the New Teacher Orientation UTR welcomed over 200 new members.