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United Teachers of Richmond  CTA/NEA -

UTR Updates 6.6.17

Dear UTR members,

As this school year comes to an end, I reflect on the work that UTR has done for all our members this year. I am very proud of the work all of you have done not just for one another but also for our students. We have been involved in our community through social justice issues more than ever before and we have been able to make strides in many issues that affect our jobs.

My first year as your President has been one of the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding years I have had as an educator. Thank you for all your support, words of encouragement, and mentorship as I learned how to navigate this position. We have much to do and many more things to accomplish in the coming years here in WCCUSD, in CA, and in the United States but for now I hope we all get to enjoy a really well deserved break this summer.

Thank you, and I look forward to serving you next year.  Please make sure that your reps have your summer contact information as we continue negotiations.

I wish you a great last week of school! 

In Solidarity,

Demetrio Gonzalez
President, United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA

 Your End of the Year Contractual Rights

Your grades are inviolate. Per Ed Code, you cannot be coerced into making changes nor can an administrator change your grades.

Elementary Prep time:
Teachers are still entitled to 100 minutes of prep in the last week. However, it may not be their previous schedule, but may be provided by time on scheduled minimum days.

FullSizeRenderYour UTR State Council Members and UTR President at CTA State Council this past Weekend representing UTR! Doug Marques, Eric Swabeck, Jacob Gran, Robert Ellis, and Demetrio Gonzalez.