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TOMORROW! – May 1st – UTR/CTA Day of Action, Labor Rally! Please spread the word.

Dear UTR members,

 Happy Sunday! Thank you for all the work you’ve been putting into our Day of Action and Rally for tomorrow, May 1st. This day of action is going to be an incredible moment for California. All the locals in our alliance and CTA will be doing marches, rallies, and teach-ins in their communities. 

Our Rally at 4:00 at Lovonya DeJean Middle School will have a great line of speakers and resources that will be available. Some of our speakers will be, Mayor of San Pablo Cecilia Valdez, Vice-Mayor of Richmond Jovanka Beckles, Richmond Council Member Eduardo Martinez, a member from the RYSE Youth Center, a staff member from Tony Thurmonds office, Antonio Medrano President of the ACLU chapter, two students, and one of our very own teachers!

We will also have a food truck there with free food, human rights CTA posters, and information for the community. We will also have signs and posters available for anyone who wants to make their own.

Please make sure you tell your staff to bring as many friends as they can! Everyone in staff is invited. We want to have as many people there in support of Human Rights, Public Schools, and labor.

We also know some schools have been asking if you can do marches at your schools, walk ins, walk outs, etc and the answer is YES. Please also send us pictures and wear your UTR BLUE or RED if available!

For some posters and resources please click below:
May 1st Flyer #1: HERE
May 1st Labor Flyer #2: HERE
Menu of options: HERE

 CTA resources:
May 1st Resources : HERE
Human Rights CTA Resources: HERE 

To share on social media this tonight and Monday please copy and paste the information below:

UTR/CTA Statewide Day of Action! Labor Rally May 01, 2017
Monday at 4:00 PM join us at Lovonya DeJean Middle School!
Rally to advocate for public schools, human rights, and labor! 

#solidarity #Richmond #SanPablo #Hercules #Pinole #ElCerrito #El Sobrante #Kensington #wccusd #teacherstudentsparentsunited 


May 1st Labor Rally Picture!

REPS: Please make sure your admin knows that no testing should be happening tomorrow and that all staff meetings should end by 3:45 latest so that the whole staff can come together.