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UTR Updates 4.24.17

Dear UTR members,

 Happy Monday! Below are some highlights and updates from UTR. Thank you for all you do!

Middle College wins CA Gold Ribbon Award!

Congratulations to Middle College High School for receiving the CA Gold Ribbon award!

 “Middle College High School, West Contra Costa Unified School District: Middle College High School collaborated with Contra Costa College to create an Early College High School program, which helps prepare them for college by increasing their exposure to college. It has helped increase the number of students who graduate from high school and go on to pursue post-secondary education.”

For the Link please click HERE.
Possible UTR Trainings
                           Member Benefits and Legal Training

 UTR is thinking about offering two free trainings that could count towards your 10 hours of self-directed PD. One on legal rights for our members, and a second on member benefits for being part of UTR/CTA/NEA (like summer discounts you can enjoy during the summer! Example, Disney land tickets?).

If you think you would be interested in either one or both of these trainings please click the survey HERE. In order to offer these trainings to be offered we want to have at least 25 people signed up. Thank you.

Uplift Charter School Petition

 As mentioned in previous updates, Uplift Charter School had put in a petition to open a school that would have served about 750 students in West Contra Costa. UTR presented information to the WCCUSD School Board HERE that spoke about their program as well as connection to the for profit CMO K-12. Thanks to your advocacy and our community partners Uplift pulled their petition this week. Thank you UTR members for standing up for our students and community.

May 1st – Organize, Organize, Organize!

 The May 1st events and rally at DeJean Middle School at 4:00 PM is going to serve as a place of solidarity for all of labor to go and advocate with the community for basic Human Rights for all our students and families that are currently being violated by policy makers, for our advocacy of our bargaining proposal, and for a state wide day of action advocating for public schools! I have spoken to the Superintendent and all testing has been cancelled for that day except for AP testing due to it being a national issue. Faculty meetings might still be occurring but all have to end by 3:45 maximum so that teachers and administrators can come to the Rally! WCCAA (admin union), Local 1, and Local 21 are co-sponsoring the event with us as well as various community organizations. 

For more information please look at the attached flyer HERE.
For ideas of things to do on May 1st as a site or in your classroom please download HERE.

Know Your Rights Events

We will be hosting two events for families, educators, and community to come and learn about their rights specifically about immigration. With the growing worry about change of policies nation wide and growth of ICE raids this is something our community cares about deeply including our students. We are offering these two trainings for people to hear from experts about their rights and options under different legal circumstances. The events are being hosted by UTR, WCCUSD, RYSE Youth Center, ACLU, Latina Center, Healthy Richmond, and many other community organizations. Please spread the word at your schools especially with your PTA’s or parents groups.  

For Flyers in English and Spanish please download HERE and HERE. The WCCUSD School district is also sending the flyers to the schools to send home with students.

Economic Impact Report
Solutions Team Update

 At the last two solutions team meetings, UTR presented information to the leadership of our partner unions and leadership of the district and School Board members about the economic impact report Los Angeles did on Charter Schools. The whole team after reviewing information presented by UTR agreed that this is a something that we should explore for WCCUSD. WCCAA, Local 1, and Local 21 as well as Board Member Kronenberg and Superintendent Duffy advocated for the importance and the need for this data for WCCUSD. The group unanimously voted to present this to the WCCUSD School Board and to ask them to move forward on an economic impact report on current charter schools as well as possible upcoming charters on the overall wellbeing of the WCCUSD School District, students, and teachers.

Potential policy proposal on the Ban of Willful Defiance in WCCUSD

UTR has taken an official position this week and we will be releasing it this week in collaboration with community organizations in the community. Please be in the lookout for that through an email this week.

For the article from NBC please download HERE.  

Evaluations Update
Evaluations Article 15: 

  • *    April 15th deadline – The evaluation process must be completed by April 15 for every permanent certificated employee scheduled to be evaluated (Article 15.4 Evaluation Procedures; )
  • *    Procedures that must have been done or completed by April 15:
    • *                                        Evaluation Observations
    • *                                        Final Evaluation Conference

◦                                                         Signed Certificated Personnel Evaluation form (aka the same form utilized for observations)

◦                                                         Signed Certificated Evaluation Summary form (aka Administrator Observation form.  This is the same form that was signed during the Pre-Evaluation Conference.)

  • *    Disposition of evaluations that have taken place after April 15
  • *    Determine how many non-reelected members were not evaluated
  1. A.    Determine how many members received negative evaluations

                                               School Board Meeting
Lovonya DeJean Middle School
6:30 to 10:00 PM
For the Agenda please go HERE 

Thank you for all you do and let’s continue working together and organize! We are only as strong as our unity!

In Solidarity,

 Demetrio Gonzalez
President, United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA