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UTR Updates 4.3.17

Dear UTR members,

I hope you are enjoying a very well deserved break! Below are some updates from UTR I hope you’re able to read while enjoying the nice weather. 

UTR Loan Forgiveness Training

We will be hosting a Loan Forgiveness training on April 13th at Kennedy High School. This training was rescheduled from February and we are very excited that is actually happening. For more information, sign up, and share the flyer please download HERE. 

MAY 1st UTR/CTA Day of Action

United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA and CTA among hundreds of locals in California and across the US will be hosting MAY1st Day of Action!

UTR leadership will be sending out more and more information in the next few weeks but here is the firs flyer that will be send to the community.

 Flyer HERE.

 WCCUSD School Board Meeting 

For the agenda please go HERE

There were many different issues discussed at the board meeting. To read the biggest items discussed please read below.

1. The Ed Fund and WCCUSD School Board recognized Third Grade Teacher Tiffany Okubo Chieudjui at Grant Elementary School, Dance Teacher Jessy Kronenberg at El Cerrito High School, Seventh Grade English Teacher Sarah La Due at Fred T. Korematsu Middle School, and Spanish Teacher Paula Raj at De Anza High School. Congratulations on your award and representing all WCCUSD educators!

2. During the initial hearing for Uplift Contra Costa Charter School, UTR President presented the following information to the WCCUSD School Board, to access the information please download HERE. School Board member Cuevas challenged Uplift and told them she would never support their charter. School Board member Phillips challenged them saying that none of the people present who wanted to school were actually from the district or lived close by. School Board member Kronenberg challenged their curriculum especially directed towards their adult ed. 

3. Wilson Elementary Schools Temporary move was discussed and the Board voted to approve the move for this summer to the old Portola site. Congratulations to Wilson!

 4. Associate Superintendent Sherri Gamba presented the 2nd interim report showing live numbers of WCCUSD budget. You may access the presentation and report in the agenda. 


1. Like some of you may already be aware of, Associate Superintendent for Business Services Sherri Gamba is retiring this June. UTR, Local 1, Local 21, and WCCAA were invited to participate in the interview process for her replacement. Ms. Gamba’s replacement will be announced in the next month.

2. If you have not completed the google survey please do so by accessing the following link:

 I hope that all of you have a wonderful spring break!

 In solidarity,

Demetrio Gonzalez
President, United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA