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UTR Elections Update

Dear UTR member,

We apologize but there was an error in the Elections Report that was reported this morning. We apologize for the mistake. It has been fixed and this email shows the appropriate information. 

-UTR Elections 

Congratulations to all of those who participated in the recent UTR general election. A big thank you to all the candidates. The victorious candidates are listed below with number of votes:

Marissa Glidden, Vice President (incumbent): 305 votes
Diane Maddox, Secretary (incumbent): 294 votes
Mike Rossi, Treasurer (incumbent): 309 votes
Robert Gerson, Elementary Director (incumbent) 184 votes
John Irminger, Middle School Director (incumbent) 292 votes
John Ohlmann, High School Director (incumbent) 297 votes
Colleen Ballantine, Special Srvcs Director (incumbent)  291 votes
Mike Rossi, Area One Director (incumbent) 302 votes
Priya Sembi, Area Two Director (incumbent) 291 votes
Doug Marques, Area Three Director, (incumbent) 297 votes
Doug Marques, CTA State Council Rep 177 votes

Robert Ellis, Local Delegate for NEA/RA 226 votes, UTR funded for RA
Terri Jackson, Local Delegate for NEA/RA 221 votes, UTR funded for RA
Mike Rossi, Local Delegate for NEA/RA 209 votes, UTR funded for RA
Doug Marques, Local Delegate for NEA/RA 182 votes
Kristyn Jones, Local Delegate for NEA/RA 170 votes
Mary Flanagan, Local Delegate for NEA/RA 154 votes

Kudos to the elections committee for their commitment and support of the UTR membership. 

Warm Regards,

Diana Ortega,
UTR Elections Chair

For final results please click HERE.
For official Ballot and Tellers Report please click HERE.