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Candidate Forum Tomorrow

Dear UTR members,

We are having our Candidate Forum tomorrow from 4:00 to 5:30 at Pinole Middle School. Candidates who are opposed will get two minutes for their speeches. Candidates who are unopposed will get 1 minute. All speeches will be recorded.

Position Candidate 1 Candidate 2
Vice President Marissa Glidden Un-opposed
Secretary Diane Maddox Un-opposed
Treasurer Mike Rossi Un-opposed
Elementary Director Robert Gerson Mary Flannagan
Jr. High/Middle School Director John Irminger Un-opposed
Senior High Director John Ohlman Un-opposed
Special Services Director Colleen Ballantine Un-opposed
Area 1 Representative Mike Rossi Un-opposed
Area 2 Representative Priya Sembi Un-opposed
Area 3 Representative Doug Marques Un-opposed
CTA State Council Representative Doug Marques Kristyn Jones