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UTR Updates 2.17.17

 Dear UTR members,

One day left until break! Please read below, we have information about UTR elections, the day without immigrants national event, and some Professional Development opportunities for everyone.

UTR Professional Development

UTR is currently offering several opportunities for Professional Development for our members. We hope that everyone takes full advantage of them as we complete the 10 hours of self-directed professional development. 

1. We are continuing our Tech Professional Development opportunities with the wonderful Laurie Roberts. To sign up, read the descriptions of the PD’s, and dates please go to the WCCUSD website under Staff PD. Individuals may also choose to get paid for the hours if you have already completed your self-directed time. 

2. We are partnering with the Mindful Life Project to offer a fellowship program! For the description and information please download the flyer HERE. The fellow counts for all 10 hours of self-directed professional development and its a great opportunity to learn about classroom management skills while getting some peace of mind in a wonderful fellowship.

3. Catholic Charities are offering a set of free PD’s for educators and community around restorative justice practices. If you are interested, you may download the flyer HERE. The PD’s are free and can count toward your self-directed hours, unfortunately this PD cannot be time carded. 


UTR Elections, Alcosta Service Council/NEA/Rep Assembly begin February 17th

UTR is having elections starting today, February 17th 2017. The positions that are open for this election are the following:

Vice President
Area 1 Director
Area 2 Director
Area 3 Director
Elementary School Director
Middle School Director
High School Director
Special Services Director
1 CTA State Council Representative

 Declarations of Candidacy can be downloaded HERE. All declarations must be received in the UTR office, 700 Crestview Dr. Pinole, no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, March 3rd.

The elections timeline can be found HERE.

We will be using a Smart Voter system called “Big Pulse” to vote electronically. The system will be using your personal email to send you the ballot, you may use your smart phone or computer to vote. Big Pulse will be doing a trial email to everyone by March 10th. If you do not receive this email please call the office or email UTR staff so that it may be corrected.

If you would like to request a paper ballot the deadline to request paper ballots is March 6th. You may request a paper ballot by emailing membership@unitedteachersofrichmond.com or calling the UTR office at 510-222-5112.

A paper ballot will be mailed to your home address and it is your responsibility to bring to the UTR office. Members may also come and vote at the office. 

The election for the ALCOSTA Service Center Representative, and the NEA/RA assembly will also be at the same time as the UTR elections from March 1 through March 14th. Voting will be electronically.

We have three candidates from UTR running for NEA/RA Assembly. 

Robert Ellis

Demetrio Gonzalez

Terri Jackson

For any questions please email our elections chair Diana Ortega at: utrelections@gmail.com or membership@unitedteachersofrichmond.com

A Day Without Immigrants

As WCCUSD teachers we stand in Solidarity with those who participated in the Day Without Immigrants. 

We are worried and angry in the face of recent attacks on our immigrant students of all nationalities. Both the Muslim Ban and the recent escalation of deportations threatens the safety and stability of our students.

Many of us teach immigrant students or are immigrants and children of immigrants ourselves. This issue is both deeply personal and professional.

We support the actions being taken by parents, students, and workers across the United States. It is so important to use our collective power in these moments to challenge these escalating attacks.

There were hundreds of families that did not send their students to school and even though we advocate for students to be at school, we support the parents decision. According to attendance numbers some schools did not have between 80 to 200 students present. 

 Here are some of the pictures that were sent to UTR from WCCUSD Schools:

 Bayview Elementary School DeJean Middle School Dover Elementary Dover Elementary Lunch Lincoln Elementary School Lovonya DeJean Middle School Richmond High School

Dover Elementary School, Lovonya DeJean Middle School, Lincoln Elementary School, Dover Elementary School, Richmond High School, Bayview Elementary School, Dover Elementary School

I would like to wish everyone a relaxing President Week off. Thank you for all you do.

In solidarity,

Demetrio Gonzalez
President, United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA