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UTR Updates and News 2.2.17

Dear UTR member, 

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that came to the UTR Rally Yesterday. We had a great turn out and I really appreciated those who came and spoke to the School Board about LCAP and our Bargaining Re-opener. We had several community members and organizations there supporting us like the Richmond Progressive Alliance.

I have some highlights and information about the last few days and our last rep council meeting, please read below.

School Board Meeting
February 1st, 2017

You may find the agenda of the meeting HERE. 

1. LCAP – Superintendent Duffy proposed to the WCCUSD School Board a set of priorities which align really well with UTR’s Priorities (You may find HERE). I would like to appreciate Superintendent Duffy for taking our input and feedback on the priorities presented. His top three priorities are; 1 Hiring more teachers in the secondary level in order to reduce class sizes; 2 Hiring more Assistant Principals (10) for our high need elementary schools; 3 Hiring more Counselors to support our students and educators in all levels. 

UTR presented on our priorities and commended the priorities of the district. The Board and superintendent Duffy really advocated for our educators to get the right support and tools to succeed last night. 

 2. The Board had a long discussion about Dual Immersion and the benefits/issues of adding Dual Immersion Mandarin. Some of the concerns were the displacement of Wilson. The Board expressed discontent by making the Wilson family wait on their facility therefore the Board decided to take the old Portola building off the table as an option for location so that the construction of Wilson may begin. The board instructed Superintendent Duffy to look for other options including the Serra Adult School building.

3. WCCUSD Staff presented on their 2017 bargaining proposal with UTR. The District has decided to open article 22 – Calendar.

4. President Gonzalez presented on UTR’s 2017 bargaining proposal with WCCUSD. UTR has decided to open article 23 – Salary. President Gonzalez presented on our current place in the Bay area when it comes to salary and benefits and an overall goal for why our educators should be paid more.

5. There was a resolution to adopt African American History Month.

6. There was a Resolution to Recognize Fred T. Korematsu Day.

REP Council Meeting
January 25th, 2017

REPS, please make sure you are doing your 10 minute Union Meetings to update our members.  

1. You may read the President’s Report HERE. President Gonzalez reported on the following items: UTR’s week of Action, District Benchmarks – opt out option, LCAP, High School Class Sizes, Involvement in committees, and Site Visits for elementary Schools.

2. You may read the Human Rights Report HERE. Human Rights committee is having their next meeting Tuesday, February 7th from 4:00 to 5:30 at the UTR office (700 Crestview Dr, Pinole).

3. Grievance Committee presented on the grievance process and encouraging everyone to please speak to their REP if there are any contractual issues. REPS are there to help.  You may find the Grievance Form HERE or in the UTR website. You may also reach out to the grievance committee for any questions to: grieve@unitedteachersofrichmond.com

4. Elections Committee reported on the elections challenge. The challenge was reviewed by the elections committee and a recommendation went to the Executive Board. The Executive Board reviewed the challenge and the recommendation and voted to unanimously not accept the challenge therefore the election is valid. The decision has been appealed to CTA.

5. Organizing! – REPS have to go back to the sites and get all UTR members updated information. It is incredibly important that we have updated personal information. Even if you have given your information to UTR in the past, we are updated our server. This is so that you may vote on the tentative agreement once negotiations end as well as in future UTR elections. PLEASE make sure you get everyone at your school to provide this information to your site REP. We have a goal of 95% of our members information will be obtained by end of February. REPS please send the information to the UTR office.

Future UTR Trainings

1. Legal Training – You may find the flyer HERE. February 2nd, 4:00 to 6:00 PM at Helms Middle School.

2. The Loan Forgiveness Training has been CANCELLED and will be rescheduled for April. We apologize for the last minute cancellation but our NEA presenters will not able to make it. 

3. UTR still has our technology trainings. They have been incredibly successful with over 40 people attending each time! You may find the dates and locations at the WCCUSD PD Calendar under “UTR Trainings”.

DeVos News

From NEA:

The final vote could happen as soon as Saturday, and every call counts. Your senator could cast the deciding vote to block DeVos.

Call now: 1-855-882-6229

Miranda Green Tweet
We only need one more Republican senator to commit to voting no on this completely unqualified nominee. And look at this:

Pick up the phone right now. 1-855-882-6229

In solidarity,

Demetrio Gonzalez
President, United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA