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UTR Updates 12.05.16 – REP Council


Hello UTR members,
10 work days left until winter break! Countdown begins.  I wanted to give you some of the highlights from our REP council meeting from November 30th. You may also watch the 5 minute summary video but I recommend still reading through the updates. Thank you for your work and support.



1. The RYSE Youth Center came to give us a presentation about their findings from their research campaign around student trauma. UTR will be partnering with RYSE this year to do a study around the impact student trauma has on educators, how we support students with trauma, what else our members might need to support ourselves and our students, and how it affects our students. They have asked anyone who is interested in participating to please email Kanwarpal Dhaliwal at kanwarpal@rysecenter.org. The study will take the rest of the 2016/17 school year and we hope many of you will participate as it will help us measure what our members need and go through on a daily basis. Participants will be able to contribute through various ways like interviews, small group discussions, surveys, etc.

2. REP Council was given the Presidents report which you can see HERE. In it I speak about our weekly video communications, local election results, the teacher housing task force, our event with BBK around Education INC, UTR/WCCUSD Secondary Class Size Sub Committee, 2nd REP Training, New Teacher Support Event, and National Election Results Gathering with RYSE and Mindful Life.
3. REP Council was given the Executive Directors Report which you may see HERE. In the report our Executive Director talks about maternity and paternity leave and the new state mandate.
4. During Committee Reports we had the following:
Political Action Committee gave the final budget and celebrated all the wins we had in our local election (Passing of Measure T, Prop 55, Prop 58, Prop 52, and getting Mister Phillips elected). We also had a discussion about the loss of the County seat and how moving forward, UTR will be holding their own endorsement instead of CTA.
Elections Committee gave an update on the results of the CTA council seat race and spoke about the run-off process. Please see previous email and our website for more information.
Bargaining Committee talked about the beginning stages of the re-opener. Executive Board passed a motion that the one re-opener this year will be salary. The bargaining team will be sending an email with a survey for the membership. We ask that everyone tries their best to respond as soon as possible. Starting January, the bargaining Chair and the President will be giving live updates every other Monday from 4:00 to 5:00 PM online through blogging. People will be able to log in and chat with them directly and ask any question about bargaining. We will be sending the link with instructions for those interested. We will also be sending updates through reps and paper form.
     –Member Engagement Committee gave an update about a new Anti-harassment and inclusion campaign that UTR will be starting as of next week. Every UTR member will be getting a wristband with the message “No Place for Hate”. We encourage everyone to talk to your students about what the message means and we will be sending resources with the wristband for everyone. The reason we’re starting this campaign is due to the increase in hate crimes, bullying, and harassment we are seeing nation wide. In WCCUSD we just experienced the murder of William Sims who was well known in our community and loved by students in Kennedy High School. Thank you to Emily Santiago who came up with the idea. For a picture of the wristband please look below:

5. Executive Board will be creating a task force to review the UTR Standing Rules and BY Laws. This was started due to the fact that we don’t have consequences to the brake of UTR Code of Conduct but the task force will also review all rules and laws. If you would like to be part of this task force please let me know. The more the better.

6. This Wednesday we have a School Board Meeting. It is the first meeting with Board Members Phillips and Panas. You may find the agenda HEREUTR will be bringing a resolution to the board written by our Human Rights chairs Alyssa Hoy and Jacob Gran. The resolution is attached HERE. It will be reviewed and approved by Executive Board this Wednesday, if you have any feedback please email it to us. The WCCUSD School Board is also passing a resolution, which you can find on the agenda. Once ours is approved and we give it to the board, with both resolutions we hope that our students and teachers will feel a little bit safer in these times of turmoil and unknown.  The Board Meeting is at 6:30 PM at DeJean Middle School. Hope to see you there.
Thank you for all the work and support. Please do not forget to vote this week for the run-off election between Jacob Gran and Kristyn Jones.
In solidarity,
Demetrio Gonzalez
President, United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA