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UTR Updates 11/29/16

Hello everyone,

We have gotten a lot of positive feedback about our new communication and weekly updates. To continue increasing our member outreach, I will be sending every monday a 3 minute video with information. I know many people don’t have time to read the emails so I hope this will help our busy schedules. The first video with updates is below:

UTR Updates 11.28.16
UTR Updates 11.28.16


1.  REP Council Meeting this Wednesday, November 30th from 4:00 to 5:30 at Pinole Middle School.

2. Bargaining has began and the bargaining team has been meeting to discuss next steps. We have one re-opener this year and Executive Board after reviewing the membership survey that went out this fall, passed a motion for the re-opener to be salary. The Bargaining team is currently reviewing the direction of executive board and will give their recommendation to the board as well as creating another survey that will be going out to membership.

The bargaining chair and the UTR President to increase communication through bargaining will be blogging live every other Monday from 4:00 to 5:00 PM so that members are able to ask questions, make suggestions, or comments about the process or about what is happening. The link and more information will be going out soon.

3. UTR Elections are still happening. Congratulations to Robert Ellis for winning his seat for CTA State Council with over 50% of the votes. The run-off for the second seat has began and will be between Jacob Gran and Kristyn Jones. Campaigning will continue until December 4th, 2016. Sites will be voting starting Monday, December 5th and will continue until Thursday, December 8th. All ballots and rosters must be turned into the UTR office by 5:00 PM on Friday, December 9th.

4. The RYSE Youth Center is doing a series of workshops called “Love and Rage”. A panel discussion of implications for Trump’s first 100 days and calls to action followed by round table discussions with panelists and participants towards an ongoing series of assemblies to identify needs and responses as his presidency continues. To sign up please go HERE.

5. We recommend that our members get really involved in their SSC process at their sites. SSC and your principal should be currently reviewing the 2017/2018 site budget. If you want to get more information please reach out to your SSC representatives or ask your principal for a copy of the budget.

6. President Elect Trump has picked his choice for Secretary of Education. You may look at the article HERE. He has chosen a well known Charter School Advocate Betsy DeVos. You may read the reaction by our NEA President Eskelsen García HERE.