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UTR Election Results

Dear UTR members,
Congratulations to Robert Ellis who was officially confirmed for the CTA rep council for the next two years with 454 votes. Term expires in 2018.  The second CTA State council spot has resulted in a runoff between Jacob Gran and Kristyn Jones. This is due to a majority needed in order to win (50 % + 1). The results of the elections are below.
Meisha Gash: 145 Votes
Jacob Gran: 234 Votes
Kristyn Jones: 185 Votes
Voting for the runoff election will take place on December 5-9th.  For the election window timeline please refer to the link HERE. Also, please continue to adhere to the election committee guidelines and UTR’s past practice of withholding all campaigning during the voting week.
Thank you to the elections committee for spending over 4 hours on Friday counting ballots. We appreciate your commitment to supporting the membership.
Warm Regards,
Diana Ortega,
UTR Elections Chair