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2016 Election Results

Dear UTR members,
I have come to learn that teaching is one of the hardest job anyone could ever do. We don’t just have to put our own feelings and emotions aside but we have to take care of those that need it most. We don’t do that because we have to, but because we want to or need to. Today, we all have students and kids hurting. Throughout WCCUSD many of our kids will go to school today scared that it might be their last day in this country. Many of our kids will go to school today scared that their parents will be sent back to their countries of origin. Many of our kids will go to school today tired because their families could not sleep the night before. Today a girl in your classroom might feel defeated and broken. The election results will have a traumatic experience on our students in WCCUSD. Sadly, the best thing we can do today is be there for them, talk to them about their experience, and listen. Hold them and tell them we love them, and that in moments of uncertainty and fear, we have to hope and believe we will have a brighter tomorrow. We can reassure them that this country was build in the backs of people who persevere and people who have gone through struggle.This country will not change because of one man. This country is not one man. This country is all of us. We stand together through times of struggle, that’s what makes us who we are and what this country is about. Remind all girls in your classrooms that today, we made history. Today, hold that sad student a little tighter and please do not forget to also take care of yourselves in your incredibly challenging roles, but remember that at times we are all they got.

For elementary teachers, you can find HERE a lesson for a restorative circle around the elections written by a teacher in WCCUSD. You may take it or leave it, but just a resource in speaking with students.
In brighter news, propositions 55, 58, and 52 passed in California! Thank you to everyone who spread the word and supported the movement to get them passed!
Congratulations to UTR endorsed candidate, Mister Phillips on winning one of the two seats for the West Contra Costa Unified School District! Thank you everyone who supported Mister Phillips and volunteered their time! Second seat was won by candidate Tom Panas.
Finally, Measure T was passed in WCCUSD! Congratulations to everyone! UTR had a big impact in passing this measure, which was incredibly important to support our members.  All polls were saying it would not pass and I was told many times it would not go through, but we pulled it together!

You can find local results HERE.

In Solidarity,
Demetrio Gonzalez
President, United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA