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Evaluation in a Nutshell

Evaluation is a process sanctioned by CA EdCode and the UTR/WCCUSD Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  Bargaining Unit Members (BUMS) with permanent status are familiar with the evaluation process and available options for evaluation.  For temporary and probationary certificated employees, the process can seem daunting and at times confusing.  Article 15 aka Evaluation of the CBA provides the process for evaluation.  Two governing sections are provided.

  1. Every temporary and probationary certificated employee shall be evaluated by the administration in writing at least once each school year, no later than March 1.  (CBA Article 15.4.1)
  2. Every permanent certificated employee shall be evaluated by the administration in writing every other year of active duty, no later than April 15 of the year in which evaluation takes place, except as provided herein.  Permanent employees have 4 options for evaluation (Please refer to the UTR contract under “Teacher evaluation” – Appendix J for more details). Unit members with permanent status who have been employed at least 10 years with the school district, and are highly qualified as required by the state and federal law, and whose previous evaluation rated the employee as Proficient, Distinguished or Meets Standard shall be evaluated up to every five years if the unit member and current evaluator consent to this schedule.  The teacher or evaluator may withdraw his/her consent and return to the two-year cycle.  (CBA Article 15.4.2)

Additionally, there are timelines that must be followed.  For example, everyone identified to be evaluated should have met No later than the end of the 35th working day of the year in which evaluation is to take place, the evaluator and the permanent certificated employee with a Proficient, Distinguished or Meets Standard evaluation shall meet and discuss the Standards upon which evaluation is to be based.

These and other criteria for evaluation can be found in Article 15 of the CBA.

All members subject to evaluations in 2016/17 school year should have met by October 10th with their administrator evaluator to discuss the evaluation process. If this meeting did not take place then the evaluation process this school year may not take place. 

If you already had your meeting but have not established a timeline for being observed prior to your final evaluation please meet with your principal to do so. 

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your Site Representative, Area Director, or the UTR office.