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Diane Brown, President  (Mira Vista)

Diane Brown, President
(Mira Vista)

Congratulations, Everyone! The contract was ratified.

Yes – 532
No – 360

Thank you for your support.

UTR Bargaining Team


Thank you for voting.
Congratulations the MOU was ratified!

Yes 458

No 223

UTR and WCCUSD Tentative Agreement was approved.

YES 636

No 354

I want to thank the bargaining team who gave endless hours to reach the Tentative Agreement and members for their participation.

In Unity,

Diane Brown, President UTR, CTA/NEA

About UTR

The United Teachers of Richmond (UTR) is the exclusive representative of all full or part-time certificated employees. We have approximately 1500 unit members. The Executive Board is elected and governed by the membership. The policy making body is the elected Representative Council from each school site. We are affiliated with the 3.2 million members of the National Education Association (NEA) and with the 325,000 members of the California Teachers Association (CTA).

Public education is a Human Right and we will advocate for a free quality public education for all our children. Our students and members deserve neighborhood schools that are safe and work and teach in a quality leaning environment. UTR members play a pivotal role as an education professional and deserve to be respected and treated as professionals.

The United Teachers of Richmond is responsible and committed to improve hours of work, wages, health and welfare benefits, leave, transfer and reassignment policies, work and safety conditions, class size, collaboration in education reform, procedures to be used for evaluation and in the grievance process for all our unit members.


UTR is committed to building and supporting a collegial working relationship with all our unit members.
We will protect, promote, and advocate for Public Education to prepare our students succeed in a democratic society.
We will provide fair treatment to all our unit members and students.
We will stand up for social justice and civil rights for all our students and unit members.

UTR/CTA Committees

UTR Committees, Political Action, Elections, Bylaws, Membership, Bargaining, Communications/Technology, Grievance, Curriculum, Organizing, Human Rights ALCOSTA Contact, Women’s Issues Contact ALCOSTA , Site Based Shared Decision Making Council, Education Reform, and other opportunities to become involved in improving our profession

UTR/CTA Benefits

CTA Statewide Conferences designed to support excellent teaching and learning practices and leadership development
Instruction and Professional Development (IPD) CTA Summer Institute
CTA Dependent Children Scholarships
CTA Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
CTA Scholarships for Members
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