United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA

Raise Up Richmond Community Rally for Community Benefit

At Rep. Council last week, we decided to support a local coalition called Raise Up Richmond. They are having a Community Rally to renew their call for UC Berkeley to negotiate and sign a Community Benefits Agreement with the City and the Community for the proposed Berkeley Global Campus (to be located in Richmond) that guarantees good jobs, expanded training opportunities, opportunities for small business, and protections against housing displacement for local residents.

The rally is next Thursday, June 4th, 5 p.m. @ Richmond City Hall.

To find out more, check them out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/raiseuprichmond

Power Hour Rally!

Power Hour Rally tomorrow, 5/26, from 4-5 pm.  Show up to district office, 1108 Bissell Ave., Richmond, and show support for the Bargaining Team.  There will be poster board available on site.  Wear Green!  Check out below for media coverage of our rally last Friday.  Thanks KPFA!


CTA Sate Council Delegate Run-Off

There will be a run-off election to determine CTA State Council Delegate.  The election will be hosted by the same vendor that  did our recent elections.  You will be sent an e-mail with a link containing your ballot.  If you do not get this e-mail, contact Rebecca (membership@unitedteachersofrichmond.com) and give her the correct email address.  The run-off candidates are:

Diane Brown and Amalia Ojeda

Voting will be from April 13-17.  You may also vote with a paper ballot by visiting our office between the hours of 3 and 5 p.m.  Thank you for your participation.

UTR 2015-2016 Election Results

United Teachers of Richmond, CTA/NEA

2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR
Election Results
Winning Candidate(s) is indicated with BOLD
Vice-President Area 3 Representative
Mel Collins (Gateway @ CCC) 116   Tiffani Neal (DeJean) 207
Tyrone Weems (Washington) 182   CTA State Council Representative  
Secretary One position open; three -year term. Vote for one.
Eric Swabeck (Lake) 254 Amalia Ojeda (Gompers) * 128
Treasurer     Diane Brown (Richmond) * 81
Amalia Ojeda (Gompers) 257 Lorissa Wong (Pinole Middle) 79
Elementary Director CTA State Council Representative Alternate
Kristyn Jones (Lake) 226 One position open; three-year term. Vote for one..
Junior High/Middle School Director Miesha Harris Gash (Kennedy) 155
Lorissa Wong (Pinole Middle) 111 Mary Flanagan (Nystrom) 110
John Irminger (Pinole Middle) 142 Delegates to the 2015 NEA Representative
Senior High Director Assembly (UTR will fund the three delegates receiving the highest number of votes.) Vote for 10.
John Ohlmann (Richmond) 137
Ayisha Benham (Hercules) 121 Mel Collins (Gateway @CCC) 125
Special Services Director   Robert Mann (UTR) # 191
Stephanie Baker (Transition) 203 Doug Marques (DeJean) 156
Area 1 Representative Robert Ellis (Washington) #  180
Mike Rossi (Pinole Valley) 242 Amalia Ojeda (Gompers) 165
Area 2 Representative Diane Brown (Richmond) 90
Diane Maddox (Downer) 119 Eric Swabeck (Lake) #  170
Robert Gerson (Lake) 133 Lorrisa Wong (Pinole Middle) 122
    Terri Jackson (Stewart) ## 202
John Irminger (Pinole Middle) 150
Mike Rossi (Pinole Valley) 162

* There will be a run-off election between these two candidates. Of 288 votes, 145 were needed for a majority. Since no candidate received that number or more, CTA requires that a run-off election will be held between the two candidates with the highest votes.

# Funded by UTR

## Funded through CTA


Amanda Henderson

Open Enrollment for The Standard Ending Soon!

If you have not taken advantage yet of The Standard’s open enrollment, your time is running out!  You have until March 31 to sign up!

Click the following link to access a brochure with the information and forms necessary to enroll with The Standard Insurance.
Or Call: 800.522.0406
“CTA endorses only one provider of Disability and Life Insurance – The Standard.
They’ve been protecting their customers for more than 100 years and are
highly regarded for their service and integrity. With their history of strength and
reliability, we are confident The Standard is a partner you can trust.”
                                                                    Dean Vogel, CTA President

Don’t Forget To Vote!

UTR elections are underway.  This year, the ballot is being sent to your email.  So check your Inbox, Junk, and Spam folders to see if you have received the ballot.  If you have not, call the UTR office or email membership@unitedteachersofrichmond.com and let Rebecca know you need it to be sent to you.  Don’t forget to give her your email address.

You can also come up to the UTR office and cast a paper ballot.  Voting ends March 18 @ 5:00.