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Transitions and Toasts!

UTR members! Come celebrate the end of the year with members of the outgoing executive board and incoming executive board. We will be at the Hilltop Chevy’s Friday, June 3rd from 4-6:30. UTR will provide appetizers. Cheers!

Run-Off Election Results!

After much anticipation, here are the results of our run-off election for President and State Council Delegates:

Demetrio Gonzalez: 268 votes (winner)
Tyrone Weems:  256 votes

State Council Delegates
Gissell Medina: 232 votes
Eric Swabeck:  287 votes (winner)
Robert Ellis:  251 votes (winner)

Thank you to everyone who participated in this election!

The UTR Elections Committee

2016 UTR Elections Results

2016 Election Results

There will be a run-off election to determine the positions of President and CTA State Council Delegates.  The run-off will be held the April 11-April 15, 2016.  The ballot will be sent in the same way the last one was.  You can also come into the office to vote during office hours (9-5).  Please encourage your colleagues to vote!

Superintendent Search Survey

The Board of Education is soliciting community input into the selection of the organization’s next chief executive.

Leadership Associates, the firm chosen to lead the search for the District’s next superintendent, will host community forums, hold focus groups for a variety of stakeholders, solicit feedback through an online survey, and take input by phone and email. Some of the forums will also be broadcast online.

Parents, students, employees, and community members will be asked to share their views on the strengths and challenges of the school district as well as the qualities and characteristics that are essential for the next superintendent.

Click here to access the survey.  (It will be available until March 31st)

Candidate Speeches and Voting Instructions (3/9/16)

The candidates gave some great speeches this evening.  If you weren’t able to make it to the Candidate Forum, you can view the speeches here. Any candidates without speeches recorded were not present at the forum, and did not have a representative present to read their speech. 


Vice President



Elementary Director

Jr. High Director

Senior High Director

Special Services Director

Area 1 Director

Area 2 Director

Area 3 Director

NEA RA Delegates

State Council Rep:

You will be getting an e-mail tomorrow (3/10) from the United Teachers of Richmond that contains your link for voting.  We want to encourage you to ask your neighbor teacher at your site if they got their e-mail and voted.  If they say no, tell them first to check their junk folder, and then to call the office, 510-222-5112 or e-mail Rebecca, membership@unitedteachersofrichmond.com, and tell her that you need the voting e-mail sent to you.  You can vote from a computer or mobile device.  We encourage you not to use district machines for voting.

If you would prefer to vote with a paper ballot, stop by the UTR office between 9 and 5 (closed for lunch 12:30-1:30) and vote.  Voting will begin at 7 a.m. on Thursday, March 10th and conclude at 5 p.m. on Thursday March 17th.  Results will be announced by March 18th.

Tentative Agreement Ratified!

The Results Are In!
Here are the results from the Tentative Agreement ratification election:
Yes:  773
No:  408
Total Votes Cast:  1,181 (great turnout)
The Tentative Agreement has passed.  Congratulations!
Thank you to everyone who participated in this election. Have a great long weekend!
Amanda Henderson
President, United Teachers of Richmond

Bargaining Update and Tentative Agreement!

Here you will find the Bargaining Update from 1/9/2016.

Here you will find the completed Completed January TA with Cover page and Salary Schedules.

Articles not included have no changes.

Voting will be at your sites next week, January 11-15th.  You can also stop by the UTR office during business hours and vote.  All ballots are due to the UTR office by 5 P.M. on Friday, January 15th.

There will be a TA Q and A Wednesday, January 13th @ 4:15.  It will be held in the Richmond High Little Theater.

School Board Rally!

Attention all UTR members!  There will be a rally before the December 9th School Board Meeting to support UTR negotiations.  Bring the teacher next door.  Bring parents and students!  We will be assembling before the meeting, 5:30 at DeJean Middle School.  There will be materials available for making posters.  Then stay for the 6:30 School Board Meeting.  You can sign up for public comment or just wear green and show up for support.

See you on December 9th!!!

Bargaining Update 11.13.15 and 11.14.15

The Bargaining Team has met with the district twice in the last week.  Once on Saturday!  Below are the Bargaining Updates from those two meetings, as well as links to the full proposals.  We will be back at the table in the next couple of weeks.

Bargaining Update 11.13.15

Bargaining Update 11.14.15

Art 10 Hours of Employment and Duty Assignment 11-12-15

Art 12 Class Size 11-12-15

Art 18 Personnel Files 11-12-15

Art 23 Salary 11-12-15

Art 23 Speech Psyc Salary

Art 52 SPED 11-12-15

Article 9 Disciplinary Action 11-12-15

Bargaining Update 10.20.15

The new bargaining team met with the district yesterday. The members of the district bargaining team are Ken Whittemore, Cheryl Cotton, Wendell Greer, Sheri Gamba, and Michael Wasilchin.  We have tentative agreements on the following articles (click on each to see the full document):
In preparation for our next bargaining session, we have asked for information regarding the following items:
1. Itemized expenditures for technology, Parcel Tax funds, consultants, and books and materials
2. PowerSchool master schedules for all schools in the district with the student counts per class
3. The composition of the District Site Agreement Coordinating Council and how that body works with the school sites
The tentative agreements will be posted on the UTR website by the end of the week.  We have heard the membership and we know that salary is a big priority. The executive board is working on creating a written direction for the bargaining team. Once we receive that document, we will be able to move forward with negotiating salary.  We ask for your support in showing a united front and willingness to organize.
In Unity,
The UTR Bargaining Team
Lucy Giusto – Bargaining Chair
Gissele Medina – Secretary
Michelle Hart – Historian
Michale Johston – Math Expert
Nyla DeLong – Math Expert
Lashante Smith – Process Observer
Wendy Phillips – member
Rhem Bell – UTR Executive Director

Joanna Sykes Teacher Grant

Joanna Sykes was a teacher at Sheldon Elementary School for almost forty years, then volunteered at Sheldon for an additional 15 years before her passing. Her love for students, passion for learning, and hope for great student achievement exemplifies the purpose of this award: to help, support, and honor WCCUSD teachers’ enduring passion for their profession and their students.
On behalf of the 580 retired educators in Division 58, we reach out to WCCUSD teachers and hope you will spend a few moments to apply for this award that will benefit your classroom, your students, and your community. Follow the links below to find out more and apply!

Joanna Sykes Teacher Grant Poster

Joanna Sykes Teacher Grant Application


Tell UTR Leadership What You Think

Back by popular demand.
We will be inviting these different groups of our bargaining unit to have a conversation with our   UTR leadership. All meetings will be at our union offices at 700 Crestview Drive at 4PM to 5PM
.Please plan on coming to have your concerns heard and responded to by executive board  members.

Elementary Area 1               Oct. 15
Elementary Area 2               Oct. 22
Elementary Area 3               Oct. 29
Middle schools                      Nov. 12
High schools                          Nov. 19
Councilors                              Dec.  3
Nurses                                    Dec.10
Special Ed.                             Dec. 17
Psychologists                          Jan.  7
RSP                                         Jan. 14
Speech Therapists                Jan.  21
Pre School                             Jan.  28
Program Specialists             Feb. 4
Coaches                                  Feb. 11

Thank you for your participation,
The Organizing Committe

Welcome New Bargaining Committee!

The Executive Board has decided that it is best to move forward with bargaining with a new Bargaining Team.  While we are very appreciative of all of the hard work our initial team did, we also look forward to what is yet to come.  Below is our new Bargaining Team:

1. Mike Johnston (Ellerhorst)
2. Michelle Hart  (Kennedy)
3. Lashante Smith  (DeJean)
4. Nyla DeLong  (Math Coach)
5 Gissell Medina  (Washington)
6. Wendy Phillips  (Madera)
7. Lucy Giusto  (Hercules Middle)  **Chair**

Tentative Agreement Ratification Results

The votes are in and have been counted by the Election Committee.  Here are the results:
Total Number of Votes: 1,134
Total Number of Yes Votes:  448
Total Number of No Votes:  686
The Tentative Agreement was not ratified.  Back to the table.

Thanks for your participation!

In Unity,

*The Election Committee:

Debbie Willis (chair)
Karen VanWinkle
Lisa Disbrow
John Collins
Sylvia Faber
Linda Lambie
Lashonte Smith
David Flynt
*Madison Crocker, Jane Magid, Laura Bohigas, and Diane Brown are on the Election Committee, but were unable to attend the count.  This did not impact the quorum needed to count the ballots.

The Tentative Agreement Ratification Results Are In!

The votes are in and have been counted by the Election Committee.  Here are the results:

Total Number of Votes:  1,134
Total Number of Yes Votes:  448
Total Number of No Votes:  686
The Tentative Agreement was not ratified.  Back to the table.

Thanks for your participation!

In Unity,

*The Election Committee:

Debbie Willis (chair)
Karen VanWinkle
Lisa Disbrow
John Collins
Sylvia Faber
Linda Lambie
Lashonte Smith
David Flynt
*Madison Crocker, Jane Magid, and Laura Bohigas are on the Election Committee, but were unable to attend the count.  This did not impact the quorum needed to count the ballots.

Raise Up Richmond Community Rally for Community Benefit

At Rep. Council last week, we decided to support a local coalition called Raise Up Richmond. They are having a Community Rally to renew their call for UC Berkeley to negotiate and sign a Community Benefits Agreement with the City and the Community for the proposed Berkeley Global Campus (to be located in Richmond) that guarantees good jobs, expanded training opportunities, opportunities for small business, and protections against housing displacement for local residents.

The rally is next Thursday, June 4th, 5 p.m. @ Richmond City Hall.

To find out more, check them out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/raiseuprichmond

Power Hour Rally!

Power Hour Rally tomorrow, 5/26, from 4-5 pm.  Show up to district office, 1108 Bissell Ave., Richmond, and show support for the Bargaining Team.  There will be poster board available on site.  Wear Green!  Check out below for media coverage of our rally last Friday.  Thanks KPFA!


CTA Sate Council Delegate Run-Off

There will be a run-off election to determine CTA State Council Delegate.  The election will be hosted by the same vendor that  did our recent elections.  You will be sent an e-mail with a link containing your ballot.  If you do not get this e-mail, contact Rebecca (membership@unitedteachersofrichmond.com) and give her the correct email address.  The run-off candidates are:

Diane Brown and Amalia Ojeda

Voting will be from April 13-17.  You may also vote with a paper ballot by visiting our office between the hours of 3 and 5 p.m.  Thank you for your participation.

UTR 2015-2016 Election Results

United Teachers of Richmond, CTA/NEA

2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR
Election Results
Winning Candidate(s) is indicated with BOLD
Vice-President Area 3 Representative
Mel Collins (Gateway @ CCC) 116   Tiffani Neal (DeJean) 207
Tyrone Weems (Washington) 182   CTA State Council Representative  
Secretary One position open; three -year term. Vote for one.
Eric Swabeck (Lake) 254 Amalia Ojeda (Gompers) * 128
Treasurer     Diane Brown (Richmond) * 81
Amalia Ojeda (Gompers) 257 Lorissa Wong (Pinole Middle) 79
Elementary Director CTA State Council Representative Alternate
Kristyn Jones (Lake) 226 One position open; three-year term. Vote for one..
Junior High/Middle School Director Miesha Harris Gash (Kennedy) 155
Lorissa Wong (Pinole Middle) 111 Mary Flanagan (Nystrom) 110
John Irminger (Pinole Middle) 142 Delegates to the 2015 NEA Representative
Senior High Director Assembly (UTR will fund the three delegates receiving the highest number of votes.) Vote for 10.
John Ohlmann (Richmond) 137
Ayisha Benham (Hercules) 121 Mel Collins (Gateway @CCC) 125
Special Services Director   Robert Mann (UTR) # 191
Stephanie Baker (Transition) 203 Doug Marques (DeJean) 156
Area 1 Representative Robert Ellis (Washington) #  180
Mike Rossi (Pinole Valley) 242 Amalia Ojeda (Gompers) 165
Area 2 Representative Diane Brown (Richmond) 90
Diane Maddox (Downer) 119 Eric Swabeck (Lake) #  170
Robert Gerson (Lake) 133 Lorrisa Wong (Pinole Middle) 122
    Terri Jackson (Stewart) ## 202
John Irminger (Pinole Middle) 150
Mike Rossi (Pinole Valley) 162

* There will be a run-off election between these two candidates. Of 288 votes, 145 were needed for a majority. Since no candidate received that number or more, CTA requires that a run-off election will be held between the two candidates with the highest votes.

# Funded by UTR

## Funded through CTA


Amanda Henderson

Open Enrollment for The Standard Ending Soon!

If you have not taken advantage yet of The Standard’s open enrollment, your time is running out!  You have until March 31 to sign up!

Click the following link to access a brochure with the information and forms necessary to enroll with The Standard Insurance.
Or Call: 800.522.0406
“CTA endorses only one provider of Disability and Life Insurance – The Standard.
They’ve been protecting their customers for more than 100 years and are
highly regarded for their service and integrity. With their history of strength and
reliability, we are confident The Standard is a partner you can trust.”
                                                                    Dean Vogel, CTA President

Don’t Forget To Vote!

UTR elections are underway.  This year, the ballot is being sent to your email.  So check your Inbox, Junk, and Spam folders to see if you have received the ballot.  If you have not, call the UTR office or email membership@unitedteachersofrichmond.com and let Rebecca know you need it to be sent to you.  Don’t forget to give her your email address.

You can also come up to the UTR office and cast a paper ballot.  Voting ends March 18 @ 5:00.

2015 WCCUSD LCAP Community Town Hall Meetings

Town hall meetings are a great opportunity for teachers to engage in the decisions that impact our students and schools.

The purpose of these meetings is to let district staff listen to the concerns and suggestions of all stakeholders regarding the development of the LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan).  Please attend one of these meetings and let your voice be heard.

  • Thursday, February 12, 2015, 6:30-8:00 pm (Helms Middle School, Multipurpose Room, 2500 Road 20, San Pablo, CA 94806)
  • Saturday, February 28, 2015, 9:30-11:00 am (Peres Elementary School, Multipurpose Room, 719 5th Street, Richmond, CA 94801)
  • Saturday, March 7, 2015, 9:30-11:00 am ( King Elementary School, Multipurpose Room, 4022 Florida Avenue, Richmond, CA 94804)

Check out the Website Changes!

We have made some changes to our website we thought we would share with you!  Firstly, we have added a Grievance tab from which you can download a grievance form.  We have also added an Organizing tab that we will use to update you about organizing events.  It is important that as we enter into bargaining, we organize and be ready to rally.

August 12 & 13 Professional Development days – Important UTR Update‏

United Teachers of Richmond, CTA/NEA
July 29, 2014
Dear Colleagues,
Thank you for taking a moment away from your well-deserved summer adventures to read this email. Your time is valuable and we are grateful for your dedicated hard work and service on behalf of our students and families!


CCSS Professional Development, August 12th & 13th
As part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreed to last year, the district will provide teachers with two days of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) professional development. As detailed in an email from Superintendent Harter,we will meet at 8:15 AM in the Richmond Auditorium on Tuesday, August 12th and “…have a chance to renew friendships from across the district, celebrate some successes, get an overview of where our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is taking us, and better understand the K-12 impact of the CCSS.” We’ll have an early lunch, then spend the afternoon and the following day at our individual school sites.
NOTE: These two professional development days are not mandatory. We will be paid at our per diem rate for our participation. The 2014-2015 WCCUSD Academic Calendar for teachers remains 184 days. Our first contractual day back is Thursday, August 14th.
We’re very much looking forward to all of us coming together at the beginning of the school year to build collaboration at both a district and school site level. We encourage everyone to attend!
We look forward to meeting each of you and, with your help, strengthening our union. We share a vision of a union that is student-centered and an advocate for social justice.
Robert Mann, President
Amanda Henderson, Vice President
Eric Swabeck, Secretary
Amalia Ojeda, Treasurer
Terri Jackson, CTA Board Director

Read Last Friday’s CC Times’ Article on the Chevron/Richmond Deal

RICHMOND Students promised full ride to college

Chevron program guarantees tuition for public school grads

By Rick Radin


RICHMOND — City leaders, school officials and students are celebrating a $35 million, 10year program that will guarantee that every Richmond public school student who graduates from high school will receive full tuition to attend college.

The program is part of a package of $90 million in community grants from Chevron Corp. as part of its recent agreement with the city on the terms of a $1 billion upgrade to its Richmond oil refinery.

The program’s objectives go beyond paying for college to transforming Richmond students’ visions of their futures, said Councilman Jim Rogers at a news conference to announce the program Thursday on the Kennedy High School campus.

“This is not just about giving checks to kids; it’s about getting kids to want to go to college,” Rogers said.

The money will also be an incentive and morale booster for Richmond teachers, said West Contra Costa school district board member Randy Enos.

“Teachers do better when they understand that what they’re doing means something,” said Enos, a retired district teacher and administrator.

The program, known as Richmond Promise, was the idea of first-term Councilman Jael Myrick and is based on similar promise programs in other cities nationwide.

Councilman Tom Butt cited the results of a $50 million program in Arkansas, El Dorado Promise, which was funded by a local oil company.

Butt said that before El Dorado Promise began, the city of El Dorado was losing jobs and population, and the number of high school graduates going on to college was about the state average of 53 percent.

Seven years later, things have turned around. The population of El Dorado is increasing, and about 90 percent of graduating seniors are attending college, Butt said.

See RICHMOND, Page 3

“Our smartest students won’t need this because they get a boatload of (scholarship) money anyway. But this can raise the expectations of someone who might have been a C student to become an A or B student.”

— TomButt, Richmond councilman

Nutrition Education brought to you by Dairy Council of California

Dairy Council offers nutrition education curriculum elementary, middle and high school teachers. The K-12 curriculums easily integrate into the classroom. Each curriculum includes six to ten turnkey lessons which allow students to build lifelong health skills. Materials are free for California teachers and reasonably priced for those outside of the state.

Beyond our curriculum, explore the variety of school tools we offer for health promotion and additional support of your wellness efforts. Connect with your local Territory Manager – Valerie Fung-A-Ling (vfungaling@dairycouncilofca.org), who can help implement some of your school wellness goals.

These curriculums, brought to you by Dairy Council of California, align with the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.